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Custom Screen Printed Wristbands 

Printed silicone wristbands have the personalisation screen printed individually, one by one, on to the outer of the rubber bands. The print is added to the outer of the wristband, where each colour has ink printed around the wristband. This method is the lowest cost way of promoting your custom message or branding.

No Print Set Up Fee

The pricing is straight forward and you do not pay any set up fee, for creating your screen print template. This means your printed wristbands are priced at the lowest price possible.

Any Unlimited Number of Colours

You can used as many screen printed colours as you want without having to pay for an extra. Each colour is added individually, which means it takes slightly longer to make them.

Any Size of Printed Silicone Wristbands

Design any size of wristbands, which means you can make kids wristbands, youths wristbands and adult wristbands.